My First Friendship Books

Posted On July 23, 2010

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Today we went to Walmart to pick out paint for the kitchen in our new place. It has pink counter tops so I wasn’t too sure what color would compliment them. I talked to the associate and he was so helpful. He showed me a couple of their popular paints and I found a color called cranberry. I held it against a pink swatch and it seems like it will look good. So we bought a gallon of paint, primer and supplies. Then we went over to the house to drop it off and of course my hubby wanted to start working on the kitchen. We were going to paint over the wallpaper with primer and color but there were lots of places it was peeling. So we just tore it all down and primed the walls. It should take the paint well except for an area behind the fridge that looks like it had some water damage. The drywall is crumble and there is some moisture. I am going to call the landlord tomorrow to make sure that it’s alright to paint the kitchen with the color. I am going to tell him about that walls issues too. While we were outside getting some fresh air the neighbor came over to talk to us. He introduced himself and told us that we should do something about the poison around the house and on the fence. i was thinking WOW we haven’t even moved into the place yet and the neighbor is already griping. He is an older guy and told us that he won’t have issues with us as long as we don’t play loud music late at night. I think that is common courtesy, so he won’t have to worry about that.

We also picked up some small boxes from the commisary so we can start packing. Unfortunately all that they had were smaller boxes from the produce section. They will work fine for some things but we’re going to have to find some bigger ones someplace. I really do hate packing but I think that I am getting pretty good at it…lol We have moved like 5 times in the last 3 years.. Hopefully this will be the last time for at least another 3 years..

I made a couple of friendship books today and they are ready to be sent. I enjoyed trying different techniques to make them like little works of art. I just hope that I made them sturdy enough to hold up while traveling around the world.

These two are my favorites.. I made them by stamping with acrylic paint using my clear stamps.

I also picked up a few postcards and sent a card out to a friend from Facebook. I feel like I have sent out so much but really haven’t gotten any mail yet ;( I can’t wait to get my first card from postcrossing. I love that you don’t know who or where it is coming from. Being surprised makes it so much fun, but I hope that my card is from Germany. I have sent 2 cards there so far..


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