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Mail Clock

Posted On November 3, 2010

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My postcard for the Human Clock Mail clock project. My card is nothing spectacular but I wanted to be a part of it. I encourage you to visit and send a piece of mail to help complete the project.

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” William Penn

Yesterday’s Mail

I anxiously await Monday because it always seems like the day that I receive the most mail. Maybe it is because I feel so deprived from not getting anything on Sunday.. Not sure,lol Yesterday I got 4 letters, some free address labels, a book and cd that I had won in giveaways.. And No Bills 🙂

My penpal Beth sent me a few goodies along with her letter. The cutest cherry bookmark, some Christmas stickers, and recipes cards.
From Beth
I love these vintage looking recipe cards
Vintage Style Recipe cards
Nicole sent an abundance of cute envies, Kawaii memos, stickers, and Fb’s with her letter.
From Nicole
I also received 2 items that I had won in giveaways. Two cd’s from a group called The Green Children. A craft book called Witchcraft that has loads of great Halloween craft projects.
Won in Giveaways
Here is a video from the Green Children if you are curious about their music.

Their new album is available on Amazon

The Witchcraft book has all types of projects from recipes, sewing, crochet and more. There are free patterns and more information about the book available here
It can also be purchased from Amazon


The Pen Pal Oath

Posted On October 8, 2010

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I found this online tonight and thought that I would share.

The Pen Pal Oath

1. I promise to write letters of sufficient length (they may not be 100 pages, but at least a few, and certainly more than an index card)

2. I promise not to ask annoying or personal questions, continuously ask for your picture or phone number if you don’t want to give it, or anything like that

3. I promise to not stop writing, unless you’re mean, or you do something listed above

4. I promise to be the best friend to you that I can be, considering the distance, I’ll lend an ear, give sound advice, and treat you with as much respect as I give my friends in person, because I will value you just as much

5. I promise to never criticize, degrade, or talk down to you, because that can hurt a lot, and you never know what a difference you can make in someone’s life by saying a positive/kind word

My to Be Mailed Stack

Posted On October 4, 2010

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9 letters and 3 postcards ready to be mailed out.