The Pen Pal Oath

Posted On October 8, 2010

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I found this online tonight and thought that I would share.

The Pen Pal Oath

1. I promise to write letters of sufficient length (they may not be 100 pages, but at least a few, and certainly more than an index card)

2. I promise not to ask annoying or personal questions, continuously ask for your picture or phone number if you don’t want to give it, or anything like that

3. I promise to not stop writing, unless you’re mean, or you do something listed above

4. I promise to be the best friend to you that I can be, considering the distance, I’ll lend an ear, give sound advice, and treat you with as much respect as I give my friends in person, because I will value you just as much

5. I promise to never criticize, degrade, or talk down to you, because that can hurt a lot, and you never know what a difference you can make in someone’s life by saying a positive/kind word