All Settled in.. well almost

So we have everything moved to the new place, in the garage at least. There is a a lot of unpacking to do still, but it is coming along well. The night time in our neighborhood is really peaceful and quiet, except for the tree frogs. There are hundreds of them all over the house at night and you can hear thousands more in the woods. They don’t really bother me much but I have to be careful when coming in and out not to let one hop it’s way inside :0 My mailman probably wonders about me as I get so much mail,lol Postcards or letters everyday.. either coming or going  Here are a few recent ones…

These are from the Ravelry For The love Of Letters Postcard SwapRecieved Ravely FTLOL PC Swap
Received Ravelry FTLOL Postcard Swap
Received Ravelry FTLOL PC Swap
Received Ravelry FTLOL PC Swap
Received Ravelry FTLOL PC Swap

Swap-bot I Love My State Postcard Swap #11
Received Swap-bot I love My State Postcard Swap #11
Received Swap-Bot I love My State PC swap #11
Received Swap-Bot I love my state PC swap #11
Received I Love My State PC Swap #11
Received Swap-Bot I love My State PC Swap #11

Swap-Bot Postcard Swaparoo
Received Swap-Bot Postcard Swaparoo

Swap-Bot Postcard Turnaround
Received Swap-Bot PC Turnaround

Swap-Bot Pick A PC
handmade by RAVEN
Received Swap-Bot Pick A PC
another from RAVEN
Received Swap-Bot Pick A PC

Swap-Bot Basic Postcard Swap
from Dax
Received Swap-Bot Basic Postcard Swap

Swap-Bot Newbie Postcard Swap
from Helen’sWorld
Received Swap-Bot Nebie Postcard Swap

More cards from Postcrossing

Received from Malaysia Postcrossing ID MY-45166
This card is from a 6 year old girl and she drew a sweet little picture of a tree on the back of it
Postcrossing MY-45166

Received from The United Kingdom Postcrossing ID GB-157904
card features village of Staithes in North Yorkshire
Recieved ID GB-157904

Received from the United States Postcrossing ID US-778365
Niagara Falls
Received ID US-778365

Received from Russia Postcrossing ID RU-194998
Kotovasiya artwork by tukituk
Recieved ID RU-194998


Some postcards :)

my mailbox has been well fed with lots of interesting postcards this past week. wanted to share some of the recent ones and thank everyone!
Two awesome cards from Swap-bot Pick a Postcard Swap I just love the vintage one ❤
Recieved Swap-bot Pick a Postcard
Recieved Swap-bot Pick a Postcard

I received this super cute PC form the Swap-bot I ❤ handmade postcards swap
Received Swap-Bot I <3 Handmade Postcards

This postcrossing card from Germany made me smile 🙂

Card features the beautiful Gloucester Cathedr
al Postcrossing card from the UK

Another postcrossing card from Taiwan
ID: TW-Pos175796

A private postcrossing swap The Halle an der Salle , Germany
Received Private Postcrossing swap w/ voxjuvenalis